Field Services

Vector Services

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    Start-up & Commissioning

    Vector Services will provide factory-trained technicians and engineers to assist in the start-up and commissioning of your Vector Systems Inc. or other vendors’ equipment.  Typical start-up services can include:

    • Signal verification
    • Proper installation verification
    • Initial in-place system prove-out
    • Control system start-up and prove-out
    • Control system logic and interlock verifications
    • Set point confirmation and adjustment
    • Fault trigger confirmations
    • Initial operations simulation and verification
    • Integration with plant DCS

    Additional training options are also available to ensure that you and your operators are completely comfortable in understanding the inner working of your Vector Systems products.

    • Initial systems training
    • Systems troubleshooting checklist training
    • Cold start and shutdown scenarios training
    • SCR System class explaining purpose and function.

    Field Service & Troubleshooting

    Vector’s engineers and field service personal are here to help in a range of services to support your project needs.  Our factory-trained technicians perform routine mechanical and electrical inspections using an array of instrumentation and control programs can find issues before they become costly breakdowns.

    Experienced field technicians can work remotely with your onsite operators to help troubleshoot problems that keep you running 24/7.


    Installation is a critical part of the equipment’s performance and lifespan.  We offer our clients support to ensure successful installation to avoid costly delays.

    Whether it is remote support from experienced engineers or on-site consultations, Vector Services is here to help you and your contractor get the job done.  Reach out to us and we will direct questions to the right person to keep you moving forward.

    Annual Technical Phone Support Program

    From professional on-site teams to unmatched digital field services tools, we offer customers a full spectrum of solutions to unleash better performance, reduce risk and realize greater value from their assets. Enroll in our technical phone assistance program to receive quick support for your industrial equipment.

    We represent the best of field services talent with first-hand knowledge and dependable service capabilities.  Contact Vector Services for additional information.

    ATTENTION: Click here to fill out our Field Service Form